Friday 14 August 2015

Favourites Friday: Natural Hair on YouTube

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Hey guys, another Friday and another favourites post. 
Today I'm sharing my top 5 natural hair channels on YouTube. I follow a lot of them; some new and some old, YouTube really helped me with my transition/big chop phase 5 years ago. How time flies. Some of the ones who really helped me pull through that delicate phase have stopped recording over the years and I'll share their channels later on, but here are the new ones I'm in love with at the moment.

*Naptural85 She is my all time fave, my day one from big chop till now. My hair crush all day everyday #fangirl

As a bonus, I'll share two of my fave all time oldies with you. 
These ladies just recently made a come back after a few years. They both got married and started their families and of course, the internet must be put on hold when life calls!
Please don't forget to share some of your favourites with me, I'm always looking to find new ones. Also, share some of your fave Nigerian bloggers from my last post too.

TGIF! Oh yea! Have a great weekend guys! x


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  1. Gawsh, I used to follow Kimmaytube waaaaaaaaaay back in the day! Like 6-7 years ago (stopped relaxing in 2006). My brother used to say, "Oh no. There goes that natural hair cult lady again."

    Berry Dakara Blog


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