Friday 28 August 2015

Be Selfless, Be Kind.

From childhood most of us have been raised to be competitive. Its a dog eat dog world, so competition is inevitable, but how refreshing is it to jusr be selfless?
You know... The feeling of helping others when you have the ability to? Or even if you don't have the funds to help, giving your time, a listening ear or words of encouragement?
In the end, when we help each other, everybody wins.
It feels good when you're the one in need and your needs are met. 
You're having difficulty with an assignment and your classmate helps out, you're broke and someone gives you money and doesn't even want you to pay it back or when you're down and someone just gives their time to listen to you pour out your heart to them and later give some words of advice or encouragement or say a prayer with you; some don't even have to say anything. 
Sometimes a smile, someone to hold your hands or a hug is all you need.

It feels good to be helped but how often do you help others with their needs?
Whatever that need may be, financial, emotional, physical, mental, academical, spiritual. 
Be a helper and be selfless.
Fact is, most of us are concerned with our personal gains.
"If I do this what do I get in return? How will this benefit me if I do it?". That shouldn't be the main focus in our lives. 
You're going to die one day and leave all your "gains" behind, but what will be said about your character, legacy, how you lived your life and the lives you touched?
What can people learn from you?
However, if you're so concerned with your personal gains, then hopefully you're patient enough to wait on God for your reward on earth (good karma) or in heaven. 
After all, heaven is the ultimate goal. Never forget.
...don't translate this as solely financial help, for many of us are poor in different ways. 
You don't have to be broke to be poor.
And remember, to help the poor you must be poor in spirit.
In the end when we help each other, everybody wins. 
So stop tearing each other apart.

Be kind to others and be selfless.
You'd want someone to be kind to you, so start a trend, make a change.
Change the world by changing yourself.


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