Monday 31 August 2015

My Picks: Aso Oke Bag

This has to be one of my fave accessories. It doesn't hold much but it's a bag my bestie bought for me as a gift from the Nike art gallery in Lekki, I absolutely love that place. 
We went there together and of course we were blown away by all the art, fabric and accessories on sale. Even though I didn't plan on buying anything, I fell in love with this bag instantly and she decided to buy it for me as a gift since she was visiting from school.
I'm sure you can already guess why I love it so much but I'll be obvious, I love the colours, the print and the fabric, it's actually aso-oke. All these things make it special but what makes it even more special is the fact that it was a gift from one of my fave people, someone I've loved probably since primary school.

Writing this post got me thinking about my last written post, Be Selfless, Be Kind.
Yesterday in church my pastor spoke about something similar but I'll share that another day.
The act of gifting is another way to show kindness and a gift can come in various forms. 
The material things are great but what about the non-material things like spending time together or even praying for/with eachother?
Some Nigerians have the habit of asking "What did you buy for me?" especially when you travelled or even if you went to visit the person at home, it's always "What did you bring for me?"
Countless times I've answered with I brought myself but of course, it is never enough! Lol
Even when I as this question as a Nigerian and get that response, I find myself asking "Eki, you're you so greedy? Someone came to visit you and you still want a gift again, is coming not enough?"
I mean the person thought I should see Eki and actually decided to act on it cuz Lord knows there are so many times I've had thoughts about doing something and I never follow up. This same person spent time to look good just to see you, spent time and money on transportation too! Only to get to you and you're asking, "What did you bring for me?"
Oya refund my t-fare biko, I'm going home. 
I know a visitor bearing gifts is like frozen yoghurt with extra amazing toppings but ultimately, is time not enough?
What happened to just simply spending time with someone and being genuinely happy with that? Now it's don't use your credit to call me and catch up, send me the credit instead so I can renew my data and die on the line (online) with facebook and twitter and other social media traps that render us socially inactive in real life. Eh!
Back to the main point of this post, I'll be posting the full outfit this week so watch out for that.
I pray we all have a great week/month ahead and please, be kind.


  1. That is one gorgeous bag, I can see why you love it so much.
    You're right about the whole gifting thing. I'm guilty of expecting people to buy me stuff sometimes but you're very right. We should learn to appreciate people and value the time we spend with friends. Can't wait for your next post!xx

  2. Love that bag! And loved the Nike Art Gallery also after visiting it during my stay in Nigeria last year

    I'm much the same; gift expectations
    I think I've robbed those around me of the spirit of giving because now they feel they'd rather I give a list because of my ungrateful past. We live and we learn



Thanks for the comments, really appreciate them! x


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