Friday 27 November 2015

Favourites Friday: The Minis

I'm definitely an accessories kind of girl, statement necklace here or a printed scarf there. Sometimes these accessories are what make my outfit or give it that extra something it needs to pull the look together. However, I have a soft spot for bags.

I love bags in all sizes but these days when I'm not going to work, I find myself reaching for my smaller bags. I do this mostly for ease and sometimes cuz they're just cuter, you know, the smaller the cuter. 
I never liked mini bags because I'm one to stuff a lot of junk in my bag and to do that you need a big bag. But using a smaller bag these days has really helped me grow up, I no longer walk around with unnecessary items in my bag; I pack smarter. But I'm also one to take a bottle of water with me wherever I go, so most times I end up holding a bottle or leaving it in the car if it doesn't fit in my tini tiny bag :(
So Cute!
 Last week I went through the different outfits I had for fashion week from day 1 to 4. A typical outfit for an event like fashion week isn't complete without a handbag to bring all your essentials with you. You're walking around meeting new people, you'll need your phone, business cards, hand sanitizer, lipstick etc. In the process of mingling and working your way through the crowd, you definitely don't want a huge bag in the way of things, well at least I didn't, hence the smaller sized bags (But one downside about being a blogger is having to take a big camera around which means a bigger bag, I'm thinking of getting a smaller one to carry around. Please leave suggestions if you have any, thanks!).

These two are definitely my favourite ones at the moment mainly because of the colours.
Fendi Baguette with sequins <3
Anya Hindmarch Ebenezer clutch that kinda looks like creased coloured foil!


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