Thursday 26 November 2015

Jeans and a Jacket

This jacket I got from Zara ages ago has to be one of my favourite things. It's thin enough to layer in Nigeria and I love the print & colours as well. Thinking of dressing it down with a simple black maxi dress and just have the jacket make a statement.

I love jeans. 
Sometimes it's a love-hate thing because they can be a bit uncomfortable or sometimes they don't fit right due to my waist to hip ratio. The latter is the case with this pair (before I found the perfect pair of jeans at Levi's). A lot of pictures didn't make the cut for this post, but you'll never know which ones :p



  1. This is a beautiful casual look. The prints on the jacket is absolutely gorgeous and I wish I can get a jacket like thats, that is thin enough to wear in Nigeria comfortably.

  2. this is just perfect.. especially the fit of the whole look.. gorgeous love


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