Thursday 5 November 2015

TCB at LFWD2015

Hey you! Feels like it's been ages, hope you're well. I've been quite busy this past week but I'm so happy I got to attend LFDW this year and experience it from the other side. 
The last time I went for fashion week with Xclamations, I was working back stage for the most part of it managing our show and I didn't really get to enjoy the other shows as well as I'd have wanted to. But this year was totally different, I went everyday after work lol.
I was so tired after the routine of getting off work, changing to my fashion week outfit and doing my make up in the Xclamations shop changing room, sitting in traffic for almost two hours hoping I don't miss the first shows, getting there and finding out that I was still early even though I arrived like 2 hours late, sitting through the shows after the late start and getting home terribly late AND THEN wake up for work the next day and do it all over again. For how I felt, knackered is an understatement. After everything I felt like I needed to sleep for a week. Anyone who knows me well enough knows I like to sleep so that statement wouldn't surprise my people.
However even though I was tired, meeting bloggers I've been stalking for some time and even meeting new bloggers was AMAZING for me. Shoutout to all of you, plenty love and virtual hugs! Especially to you Berry Dakara and Fisayo Longe, my long lost friends also Akin Faminu and Mide Coker for making our first time meeting absolutely fab! You guys rock.
I intend to do a few posts about my outfits for all the different days and we'll get to that but for now I just thought I'd do a bit of talking (and by talking I mean writing obviously), because it feels like I haven't done a proper written post here in a while so expect more about my experience and my thoughts on the shows.
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Have a great week ahead. x

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