Friday 6 November 2015

TCB at LFDW2015: Go Sleeveless

Just before fashion week started I'd done a sleeveless jacket series, wearing mine in three different ways. It is safe to say I was clearly "in the spirit" as my people would say, you can only imagine my excitement when I saw it on the runway from various designers this year. 
The sleeveless blazer/jacket trend was definitely one of the common threads for fashion week this year. Continue reading to see the sleeveless jacket looks from LFDW2015.

Some of my faves
 Mai Atafo
Love the colour, you already know how I feel about blue. I'd definitely wear this opened up with a white top inside and white sandals, simple.

 Wanger Ayu
Blue again but in a longer length, I really need this in my wardrobe.

 Love the velvet lapel on this one paired with a skirt that sparkles, great way to mix textures.

 April by Kunbi
White always works. Loved Kunbi's theme and theatric for the runway this year. It's important to inject some of your personal creativity to stand out in something that could seem monotonous or even boring after a few cookie cutter looks. And I appreciate Mai & Kunbi for that this year, with Mai's live music by a talented violinist and Kunbi's James Bond theatrics. Not that their collections wouldn't have been enough to make them stand out, but for other who can't boast of a strong collection, don't be afraid to be creative and think outside the box. Get people talking.
Watch videos from their shows on my instagram here and here.


Re Bahia
Again, lace always works too! Although this isn't sleeveless, I still love it.
I really loved these ones as dresses but only if it fits right, not everything can be worn as a dress.

Onalaja (one of my fave designers this year)

A few others



Conae Insignia

Photos: Kola Oshalusi (Insigna)


  1. The sleeveless jacket is such a chic trend although I'm not sure if I can pull it off. I love Mai Atafo and April By Kunbi's take on it.xx

  2. Wow, I didn't even notice how many sleeveless blazers were on the runway!

    Berry Dakara Blog


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