Thursday 28 February 2013


When I saw this jacket the first time I just knew I had to have it, when it went on sale with extra 20% off from Matches... It was MINE! The title explains it all, bold jacket and my usual bold hair. Some how I don't think I look nice with straight hair but I'm thinking of straightening my natural hair soon so I'll update you guys on that, also need to do a post on my updated washing routine which now includes Apple Cider Vinegar; the popular "ACV rinse". Enjoy the pictures! Thanks to miss Mico as usual. Love you girl!

The guy was runzing me :)

Retro chic! Just bought the sunglasses from Topshop & I love!

7/3/13 - just spotted my jacket here

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  1. Hi, the picz are really 9ice picz and as for that Guy that was runzing you he is a Sharp guy i mean very sharp and Coded Guy.hahahaha


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