Wednesday 9 October 2013

2013 Jewelry Collection for Anita Quansah London

Simply Amazing works of Art... I'm in Love!
The colours, the details, everything about these pieces are absolutely stunning.
I have a thing for jewelry and the usual African looking ones from Zara and the rest, but this just takes it to a whole new level. I don't know why I'm just hearing about this brand!
I'm assuming the pricing will be as extravagant and lavish as the pieces so for now, I'll just drool over here by my laptop, no harm done.
But if I ever owned one of these show stopper pieces, they'd always be the star of my outfit. 
They'd even makes dressing up a little easier! 
You don't have to do too much, the jewelry carries the whole outfit. :)
 Lace? Ankara? Feathers? I'm a believer, I love them all!
Find more day-dream worthy pieces on the website here.
 Love the lace buba look on this girl.
And this last picture just screams royalty to me, which girl wouldn't want to feel like a queen or a goddess! Love it!
*cleans mouth* lol
ok I'm done now.


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