Tuesday 22 October 2013

Runway Preparation

 GTB Lagos Fashion and Design Week is coming up soon and Xclamations is showing on Wednesday 23rd! We've been working on new things so I'm very excited to see how it all comes out and by the grace of God the will go well! We had model fittings on Friday and I thought I'd take quick pictures for the blog. Continue for more pictures and a brief review about my day!
In all honesty I'd give my day a 3 out of 10 rating because I was NOT impressed at all and here's why!
Timing was ridiculous as usual, I'm talking about 3 hours delay because no one arrived early and nothing was set up. And there I was waking up early acting all nervous like I was going to be late! The date was rescheduled and I wasn't informed. When I eventually got that info (2 days late) and showed up at the venue very on time, the venue I was given was wrong! Called and got redirected, got there just to sit and wait because no one was ready for us (the designers). At this point I just started laughing and stayed that way till I left because I'd have gotten a little irritated and I wasn't about to let anyone's nasty attitude get to me. For there will always be those who know nothing about being polite.
 It really wasn't what I expected, people around kept wondering why I had such high expectations in the first place but I refuse to believe my disappointment was my fault. However I'm working so I can learn these things now, get experience and see how the industry really works in Nigeria but STILL, I wasn't impressed at all. I really don't mean to go on about the negative things and all that made it seem disorganized but I just really think things could have been handled better.
On the plus side some of the people were pleasant, others just acted like they woke on the wrong side of bed. We all have bad days even I do sometimes and it gets to me but when duty calls just try to be as professional as possible about it, Please! You never know what could happen in the near future and Karma is always lurking right there to bite you where it hurts!
I enjoyed working with the stylists as well (S/O to Aisha!). Though they didn't have a lot on ground to work with in terms of accessories and all of that, but they made it work. And aside from using laughter as a coping mechanism not to get irritated with it all, I was really genuinely excited cuz it's the first time I've done anything like this and I really appreciate my boss for trusting me with it. Plus it's always fun experiencing things for the first time while learning about what you love along the way. I just hope it all comes together in the end and I don't disappoint.
And that's then end of my story, just thought I'd share my bitter sweet experience.
Have a great week.

Pictures thanks to Shola! :*


  1. Smh! My sister (as 9ja people will say! lol!) nah Africa you dey oooo...hahaha!! Our people don't work with time...punctuality isn't in our blood and that's a very sad fact! Cheer up pls! At least you now know how it works over there. I love your 'all black errthang' ensemble. Beautiful!


  2. Hay yah,sorry you had to pass through all that and i want you to know it's all for good.
    There are two things i'll like to pick out of your post these things are
    Keep up the good work,you'r the best.


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