Friday 25 October 2013


Well hello there Friday! I almost didn't see you!!
Been so busy this week, but I thank God because some people are looking for work and things to do so I cannot even try to complain. 
As you all know I'm currently working at Xclamations as an in-house designer and we just recently showed our new collection at GTBank LFDW on Wednesday the 23rd. If you missed it I have all the pictures from our collection but I'm sure Bella Naija and the official LFDW site have pictures from other designers as well. I've also been for the different days so I'll update the blog with pictures from those but I've interrupted my scheduled posts for the blog to update you guys on my over all experience on the day of the show!

Before I say anything I'd like to say a big thank you to my Xclamations team! Joy & Shola, you guys rock!
Honestly I'm not going to write much and go into so much detail because this post would resemble that of a critics' and I'm not trying to do that. It's all about celebrating the one thing we love that brings us all together and that's fashion. I'll just simply say that things could have been handled and planned better like timing, organization of everyone involved (both organisers and designers) and hopefully in the long run they will! Positivity. Everything needs a bit of positivity.
And as a side note to anyone who's reading I'd like to say this, be the change you want to see in others. Yes we've all heard this a thousand times and for most of us it's easier said than done but I can't help but speak the truth. If something is wrong or it's not working out or it just has a negative ripple effect, please, don't do it. Don't think you're the one who won't get caught, who will get away with it or you're the one who's little misdeed won't affect the entire disaster waiting to explode. The little you are doing is part of what's messing the whole system up! And that's a fact.
Designers talk about the show being disorganized, are you organized yourself? Did you do all that was required? Pay your dues and be at mandatory events on time? Though the fittings were late or the dates were changed, where your pieces even ready? Did you have them all present to have the stylists look at them? What about your attitude? Where you being a diva for no reason? Models will talk but were you there on time yourself? Did you do what was asked of you?
Honestly the list goes on and on. Everyone involved is there cuz you have a part to play, and what ever it is please do it well. 
And then there's timing!!! It's becoming ridiculous to be honest. Everyone is so used to "African timing" that we don't even bother to be punctual anymore. An event starts at 12, all guests assume "oh it's going to start late anyway so I might as well go late myself, when I'm not the person going to sweep the floors and clean the chairs for the guests". Everyone shows up late, just because. That's what happens I know, even the best of us are guilty of it when you just know somethings can't start on time but all I'm saying is it shouldn't be that way. I'll keep going early to important events because African timing will not be the death of me or my career. When I go to places outside Africa nko, what will now happen? Can't be carrying bad habits like that mehn, such things could cost you life changing opportunities and you don't want to miss those!
OK! I'm done rambling. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Heyyy, i saw you on the 3rd Day and was going to come over and say Hi but you were almost always surrounded by people . lol

    1. Aw! I wish you did, would have been nice to meet you! Love your blog!


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