Sunday 13 October 2013

Leather Collar

I don't wear a lot of leather except its a jacket, accessories or little details in the outfit like this top from Zara with a leather collar. I've never been a believer of leather pants, somehow I don't think it'd be very flattering for me but maybe it's all in my mind. If I ever overcome this thought and try it on, I'll let you know if there's any change of heart.
I've had these twists in now for about three weeks, they look really rough I know but I'll take them out soon. I've got a wedding coming up soon and I don't want to look like scraps. Even though my outfit is nice, rough hair can turn things sour, very sour. Not forgetting the unheard insults you will receive, "they will carry rough hair and say it is natural hair", or someone will ask why I did not "make" or "comb" my hair Lol. Speaking of hair and insults, this post on my cousin's blog is one you should definitely read especially if you are natural, "someone" gave her some unnecessary "feedback" about her appearance. Read about it here.
Zara top & Asos shoes

Have a great week people! x

Thanks to my mum for the pictures :)


  1. I should incorporate a bit of leather into my outfits.. i love it on you

  2. What camera do u use.... You pictures are really nice.


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