Thursday 21 November 2013

News & Shoutouts!

Heya! Hope everyone's fine. Sorry I've been slacking with the blog, but I'll be back soon I promise.

I want to give shout outs to two blog readers I recently met, Wilmer (from NYSC camp) and Gabriel, a rather frequent commenter and reader of my blog who also goes to my church! Thanks for always visiting my blog and leaving comments too, I really appreciate it all!

I also want to give another shout out to Fola!
She's gotta blog called Fola's Oasis which I love and she's just featured me as a hair crush on her blog! Be sure to check it out guys and shower some love. Click here for more.

Xclamations is also having an unveiling tomorrow and on Saturday as well, check the details on the invite below and make sure you spread the word and come too!

Sorry for the change in font guys, I'm trying to blog from my iPad and its just a mess! X

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