Friday 8 November 2013

First Few Days at NYSC Camp

These pictures are not the best but I'll take better ones soon, I was feeling a little sleepy in this first picture hence the weird smile and tired eyes *yawn* and I'm still tired & sleepy.
That's me at Mami Market, trying to make new khaki trousers, mine didn't quiiiiite fit and I'm assuming we all know why... But I'm not big, I'm moderate lol 
With my cousin Uki and I've got 2 more cousins at camp! Yay me! 
Mirabel and I at Mami Market about to eat and then decided to take a picture.
It's been tiring so far, but I'll do a proper blog post on it all later with better pictures, just thought I'd show a few pictures. x


  1. Replies
    1. Cuz of NYSC camp? Lmao!
      Your turn is coming don't worry

  2. Congratulations ooooo jare,it is not easy to gain ADMISSION into an higher INTITUTION and gradute.You will agree with me that it is not all that started the race with you that graduated(some died,Some could not continue bcos there was no money to fund their skooling any more and lastly some were asked to withdraw because the were regarded as incapable or unserious students. Ha oma se ooo)SIGH:(.
    Any way, that's that about that you have begun a new race that you have always dreamt of and pls while you'are running this race don't be too AJE BUTTER-ISH(DONT BE TOO DULL OR TOO SHARP) ok .Adios


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