Tuesday 13 October 2015

#LadiesInLevis: Levi's New Denim Collection for Women

Levi's launched their new denim collection for women a few weeks ago at Ikeja City Mall. I got the chance to get a feel of their new collection and try on a few pairs as well. I also got a free pair (Thanks Levi's!) and I must say I never want to take them off!
I forgot my camera that day but I did take a few pictures and videos to share with you guys. I'll be doing a post with the jeans really soon but just for a quick review, the jeans are so comfy, fit perfectly and the best thing is I don't even need a belt for it! Most times I have to wear belts cuz of my hip to waist ratio but I don't need them with this pair of Levi's curvy bootcut jeans.
Visit their Facebook page here to stay connected!
I took a few selfies and a video from snapchat with my phone. If you aren't able to watch the video, there are a few pictures as well.
A post for the gram

The amazing curvy bootcut jeans I got to take home with me! I tried the skinny one as well, I'll probably go back for that one another time.


  1. Those jeans look nice! I went to the one at the Palms a while ago, and I found a pair I really liked but they were too long. :(

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. You're soo pretty!!
    I was meant to go for this event but the thought of the traffic by that time held me back.



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