Monday 26 October 2015

Like A Child - Peace Oseyenum

When a child falls over usually an adult helps the child up because it would be unreasonable for the child to fall over and to stay on the floor for a long period of time.
No matter how painful the bruise is the child simply cannot stay on the ground for hours, days or years.
Taking this a step further, an adult will also usually take time to address the bruise caused by the fall by cleansing it, which may sting then the adult may find something to sooth the pain then finally cover the bruise with a bandage or plaster.
So as an adult when you fall down or fall into a unpleasant situation don't  remain down. Do you know how irrational it is to fall and stay down? Imagine a 5 year old on the floor crying for 4 years non stop about the bruise that happened to them when they were 2 months? Do you know how irrational it is to have a wound but not deal with it? Or even worst to leave it open and carry the pain for years and years?
Just because the pain may not be physical it doesn't give it the right for it to eat at you for years on end.
Don't give a situation the yard stick to determine your life if it is contrary to the word of God.
Man can only help you so far, because man is flawed. But God has no flaw, He is the ultimate healer and deliver. Direct your sores, grazes, bruises and cares onto Him.
Just as you are the child, He is the adult that will cleanse and sanctify you. This may sting but He will heal and comfort you, He will strengthen you. Finally you'll find that the traumatic fall or circumstance followed by His healing won't just be for you but will serve a greater purpose.

He is able, He is more than able, to help you up when it seems like you're lost and alone. It is in those times that he carries you. So trust in Him.
BUT, don't remember God only when times are hard, develop that relationship with Him so you can share everything. Love Him with your whole heart, He wants it today.
Have a great week ahead guys! x

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