Monday 12 October 2015

My Picks: Sleeveless Blazer/Jacket

Let me tell you a story.

A story of a girl who always wore blazers in secondary school just so she could cover up her body. She was always self conscious about her curves and flat chest, always wishing she could be skinny and have bigger boobs.
That was me years ago, how I feel about my body today is totally different and this blog is proof of that. Blogging helped me be a lot more confident over the years and I really do love my body now. Yes, there are some areas that could be better but still, I thank God for change! 
I shared this story because I would have loved to have some sleeveless blazers back in secondary school, I used to be so hot wearing those blazers all the time! But now when I feel like I need an extra layer/cover up, it works perfectly without making me so hot. It's the perfect way to layer in a hot country like Nigeria. I know there are people who wear leather and boots AND leather boots here in Nigeria for the love of fashion and although I love fashion, I'm just not there yet. :)

 I wish I had one in every colour and my fave way to wear it/see it worn is with matching bottoms (trousers or skirt) because I really love the co-ord look, I also love having it as a statement piece.
All but one of these jackets are from Missguided.

My next few posts will feature how I rock my sleeveless jacketS.
Yes, I have three and counting
Have a great week ahead!

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