Sunday 21 October 2012

The Print and Colour Lover

Well, from the description of the blog it's obvious that I'm an aspiring designer and bla bla bla
However, one thing that I'd like my brand to be known for is its original vibrant prints and colours because growing up surrounded by the different fabrics we have in Nigeria you can sort of understand where this love for colours and prints comes from. Most African designers these days incorporate a lot of prints into their garments and designs but like I said you can't really blame us, I'd simply like to say it is who we are as Africans although there are some designers who aren't included in my little theory/fun fact.

I'm in love with the Ankara fabric of course and right from a very young age I've always thought of ways I could put the fabric on the map. I always thought I'd be the first to have an Ankara frock on an international runway or have a well known celebrity wear my intricately beaded Ankara jackets but of course this was when I was maybe 7 years old or so. Then came my infatuation with the amazing Jewel by Lisa, and the ooh so lovely Tiffany Amber. I was a little disappointed because I thought I had come up with these smart ideas in the inner-most-secret-corner of my mind where nobody would ever know until I later found out that ideas are like radio waves and whoever tunes in to the correct channel is gonna get the idea. Sad for me the little girl with big ideas but great for the others who had already actualised my thoughts. So it seemed that every idea I thought I had in the inner most part of my mind, someone would try it out the next week. Frustration. I would always cry to my family members, "Mummy! I thought about this just yesterday!"... Sorry dear!
I have accepted it and just concluded that I have to be darn good at whatever it is I want to do cuz I'm not the only person in the world!
So my idea for my budding portfolio is to show I have the ability to create my own prints, make beautiful designs and have them executed in the best workmanship possible, BGG. But yes, this is my dream that the Eki brand will appeal to the print/colour living fashionista at every age, to make clothes that are trendy but and not a trend following brand and to have every lady who wears pieces by Eki know that she is a woman of great style and impeccable taste! *sigh* Lord hear this prayer, Amen!


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