Wednesday 24 October 2012

The Print and Colour Lover contd.

Picking up from where I left off last time, right now I'm in the process of researching inspiration for prints to be included in my portfolio.
Basically just finding a focus and showing my thought process and manipulation a on this particular thing till I arrive at something suitable or something I think represents me and my brand and is worthy to be included into the portfolio. Then I will continue to brain storm, create designs and apply them both to produce a master piece, BGG.
Yes I must say BGG after everything because I believe in working in faith and besides, if I want to achieve any feat in this world, it is not by my power but by the Spirit of The Lord! "Girl you better preach! Mhmm!". Lol

In reality I don't know if I should share this, but this is really a personal blog and no one really reads it anyway so I guess I can risk it. So far some of the ideas I have come up with for prints are:
  • The Chameleon; based on my lovely blog!
  • A Butterfly; not sure which particular specie yet as there are so many beautiful ones in existence but I picked butterfly because I once has an obsession with the pretty creature.
  • And lastly, Queen Idia; because she was the first queen mother in Edo state which is where I am from in Nigeria and she was a great woman, a strong warrior who played a... Bla bla bla go and google her. But yes, the mask of her face is very popular in Nigeria. I had to have something African apart from the nature loving options I already have listed up there.
So, work on these start as soon as I possibly can. I did graphic design for a year before foundation so I sort of have an idea of what to do. I've also done some research on the ever so resourceful Internet and come across somethings that will really be helpful. I hope to document my progress with this blog as I only have a few readers right now who happen to be my close friends and I know they won't steal my ideas (hi guys), but we'll see how well that turns out.


  1. Lol hi! I didn't know you still loved butterflies...

  2. I Doooooo :)
    Lol but I'm not as obsessed as I once was.


Thanks for the comments, really appreciate them! x


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