Monday 22 October 2012

Preppy Chic

Here it is! I wore it to school and got quite a few compliments, I was shocked cuz I didn't think it was all that but maybe it's cuz people hardly see me dress up so many times in a week but I must try to keep this blog alive some way some how!

I spoke to my good friend Ore the other day and told her why I wasn't making the blog public (the same story of how I've had so many blogs and how I don't want to mess up this one).
And she told me not to worry but take things slow and steady. All the blogs were different concepts and it's similar to people who write textbooks and come out with different editions making the textbook better with each new one
Made so much sense and that is exactly my aim! So I'm going to take my time till I feel I'm ready.

Tried the look with my glasses (which I'm gona change soon) and a skirt, just to see how it'd look.

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