Friday 12 October 2012

The Chameleon Blogger

This cannot possibly be healthy. Do you know how many blogs I've had in my lifetime?
There was African Vintage with my friend Vanessa, then I started a tumblr, which I still have. Then I started Eki Said It and later on went over to Ore Meji with my friend Tiwa. Now there's Ima by Eki... Here's hoping the 5th time's the charm or however that thing is said.
I am a blogger I love to blog but I guess I'm what you call a chameleon blogger! Lol ( yes I just made that up I've never heard of it before but it just seems appropriate).
So here's a little about me, 5th time around!
I kind of decided to change the name of this blog to The Chameleon Blogger (after this post) cuz I thought it sounded cooler. Moving on...

I'm a Nigerian and I'd like to believe I'm quite creative. I've been in a constant battle with my weight for as long as I can remember, just trying not to get bigger than I am now. I'm currently in my final year and I'm studying Accounting and Finance, which was originally my fathers choice but he has finally allowed me to do what I want after the degree so I'm gonna go ahead and do that! BGG (By God's grace). My hair is also natural, fave colour's purple and I wear waaaaaaaaaaaay too much black. I don't think weaves fit me and I don't like my teeth but hey, we can't all be Hollywood perfect!
I love a lot and I love very deeply... Almost to a fault I think. I like to give people I love a chance and once you mess it up then I cut you off, I'm good at that. When I was younger I tricked myself into believing I was allergic to humans. I had some silly issues way back when but I guess we all go through some phases in life, you just need to make sure you get out in one piece!
Sometimes, I get irritated easily and when I'm really angry I have difficulty breathing so I take in deep breaths lol. It could be funny cuz then I look like the Incredible Hulk but then not so funny cuz I used to have asthma so it could get out of hand but God forbid.
I'm crazy about music!!! everyone who knows me knows this! I love my family a lot and also my country no matter how disappointing it could be sometimes, it's still My Country and God doesn't make mistakes. I am a Christian too and I believe there is no perfect person but I strive to be as Christ like as I can be because heaven is the ultimate goal at the end of the day!
Ok, so if that was interesting enough for you, stick around!
Hope you enjoy my blog, I'm not the best writer but I'm quite the ranter (if that's a word, please check for me). x

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  1. The write up is interesting enough for me so I am sticking around.


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