Monday 29 October 2012

Tea, Studs & Spikes

Hey! Hope everyone had a great weekend mine was ok did a bit of work and play.

I went out with my canterbury husband Mirabel aka Mira Mico Mimi Mama etc lol and we took these pictures way before the weather became rubbish. We had a little posh english moment at the coffee shop with the tea, gisting about everything and reading magazines and all that... Good times!
One of my course mates asked me to be her stylist and help her shop for a new workwear wardrobe. She has never liked the business/corporate look on women but she's now accepted the fact that she'll need it after uni and asked me to help her. I was shocked because I've actually never done anything like that but she washed me and said she likes me style and all that so I decided to help her, no fee of course. Luckily for me my Elle magazine came with a pull out for workwear so that should help. 

Btw... This post is photo heavy! :)

We saw someone with my jumper in white but she didn't really want her face in the picture.
The title of the post came from the tea I drank lol, my Topshop spike earring (which later got misplaced in the changing rooms at H&M), the Studded jumper also from Topshop and my Alexander Wang studded bag. I don't really like the fact that the studs dont stay straight on the jumper but oh well, I'm guessing it's cuz of the weight.

Hope you liked the post have a good week!


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