Friday 19 October 2012

OOTD Post coming up soon!

Tomboy Chic?

It's quite a new look for me even my friend Arin said so but she also said it was really nice so I guess it wasn't a bad choice after all!
Well on a more personal note...
Usually, you would find me complaining saying I'm tired of school, accounting and finance and I can't wait to start doing what I actually love. But recently I saw one of those inspirational pictures that had a story about an old mad and how he was always dying to start something new or move on to the next stage of his life and he never really enjoyed he current position, ever! And now that he's old and literally dying, he realised he forgot to live.
I don't wana be that way.
I admit accounting and finance wasn't really a bad choice because it WILL help me when I start my own business in future BGG. So I'm just gonna stick it out for this one last year and try my best to graduate with a good grade and then move on.
I don't want to be so busy dying and forget to live,
And neither should you!

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