Tuesday 13 November 2012

British Curlies Order & Review

Remember me saying I ordered some natural hair products cuz I was thinking of taking out my twists? I got them and I've used them and they were pretty good for my first try the only thing I don't like is the thickening moisture mist cuz it doesn't dry over night! I tried it on a twist out after washing my hair and I woke up with the worst twist out in all the 2 years of my being natural, like ever! Had to do an updo to cover up the mess (I'll show you that in another post) and I ended up being late for the programme I was going to that day smh.
Well the shampoo and conditioner are both lovely, the shampoo doesn't strip my hait and leave it dry. The conditioner was great for detangling as well and the both smell ok. I used the deep treatment masque for deep conditioning it was really good and it smells ok. To be honest I've smelt better things but hey it's not like they have a disgusting smell it's just OK.
The 100% organic shea butter... Now THAT is a product! Smells great, wonderful ingredients and its really nice on my hair as well, I LOVE IT! I even found myself using it on my hands, yes it is that nice!
The give free samples with every order so that's what the little white bottle with hibiscus written on it is.It's a mizture of oils are it's really nice and smell amazing. Successful marketing strategy because I used it for my twist-out-gone-wrong-turned-into-an-updo style and I liked it a lot. If I keep using it I just might get a bigger bottle depending on the price.

If you have anymore questions you can look for other reviews on youtube or ask me in the comments section... cuz I don't think I did a really good job with this review lol. x

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