Tuesday 20 November 2012

Twist-Out Gone Wrong

After washing my hair with all the new products I bought, I detangled and twisted it with the mist and a bit of leave in conditioner and when I woke the next morning to unravel my twist (for the twist out style incase  you aren't natural) THE TWISTS WERE DAMP! It was a disaster! I was so excited to rock my hair after keeping it in those twists for so long and then this happens, monday morning, 9am seminar... the worst! Thank God I woke up earlier than usual so I was able to fix the mess kmt. Ended up doing an up do.

That's actually a scarf wrapped around my waist, this whole outfit is just weird tbh. The skirt is a dress and the belt is a scarf!

The top is from Zara. Please don't think yellow is my fave colour cuz of my previous posts, it's actually purple. Hope you liked, have a great week ahead.

Doesn't my hair remind you of Johnny Bravo? lol x


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