Thursday 15 November 2012

Throwback Thursday

These pictures were taken during reading week in the library just before I took out my twists, they still looked so nice! I was reluctant to take them out but my natural hair needed attention and the twists were in for way too long. This day was really boring we just took pictures to entertain ourselves lol after lunch of course, man must chop. Here's a pic of what I had, yummaaaay!! Healthy eaters inc. :)

 Ever posing for the camera

Pretending to look for a book...


Arm canday...

Like my nails?

Staring into space. Why? No idea...

Hope you had a good day and laughed a lot as well! Try to laugh at least once a day, it can do wonders for your soul. x

A few vain face shots... forgive me


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