Wednesday 21 November 2012

Rest Of My Life - Ludacris ft Usher & David Guetta

David Guetta kills it everytime! He's what I call a "Headbussa" as in Head Burster lol. When I'm on my David Guetta playlist and my headphones are on my head might just burst! No not literally but you get what I mean. The last time Usher and Ludacris did songs together I remember loving them. Remember Yeah and Lovers and Friends (My Jam!) which both had the retard we all know as Lil Jon features as well but yh they were great regardless and Ludacris is definitely one of my fave rappers... appart from the fact that I've had a crush on his siiiiiiince *clicks fingers* lol (him and a few others, I should do a post on that, interesting).

Ok enough music/boy talk... Let's get on with today's OOTD taken in the library again.

Thats me in the process of trying to fix my hair


Hope you're all well! x

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