Friday 16 November 2012

Doodling in Class... smh Eki!

Hey guys hope you're all well.
The 2013 cruise lookbook series is finally over. Some may have enjoyed it and others hated it *shrug* OK! But I need content and that's what happens when there is scarcity! In other news, I make so many typos on this blog you would think I've never been schooled. If I had a pound for every error I'd be on a shopping spree rather than writing this post.
But that's not why we're here... The Weekend is here! What have you got planned? I've had a good week it was quite productive so thank God for that, how was yours? I went through some old lecture notes from second year and found some doodling! Lol... I'm not really good at drawing faces, only started practicing recently with a little improvement but I guess I was practicing drawing a realistic eye? smh. That was my failed attempt at explaining why I was drawing that instead of listening to the boring lecturer.
Continue reading to see an even more embarrassing one...
I guess I was drawing what I'd rather be doing...
This is shameful

Hope you have a good weekend guys! x

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