Thursday 8 November 2012

Green with Envy

Please pay no attention to that part of my hand craving some lotion lol, but I had to use this picture so you could see the colour of the outfit clearly. As I don't have a very goo camera my phone didn't really pick up the colours and the pictures were taken at night which made it worse. Enjoy still! :)

Yes I wore uggs cuz it was FREEZING!
The green boucle style jacket is a new new from H&M, the green leggings are Zara, chiffon blouse from H&M as well, burgundy circle scarf from Topshop.
So sorry the camera didn't pick up any colours. I'm actually wearing all green :( :( :( 
The days of a better camera are fast approaching, but for now we must "exercise patience" lol
The red bracelet I have on was a gift from my arab friend Maryam, it actually says Eki :)
Mcqueen ring too, one of my faves! DKNY watch gift from my folks, and the gold beaded bracelet is from Cameroon I have a bunch but just felt like wearing one.
More work to be done this reading week, buh bye!

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