Monday 18 February 2013

Can I Talk To You - Peace Oseyenum

Hey everyone! When I started the blog I mentioned that I'd have a few contributors on the blog from time to time, so meet Peace! She's one of my good friends here in uni and she writes really well and I think everyone can relate to this particular one here. She's said she'll write how often she gets the chance to, we're all pretty busy with uni honestly but I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

Fellas can I talk to you?
I think it needs to be said, guys STOP getting involved with females you have no intention of having a future with! If you're not ready to love her the way Christ loved the church (Ephesians 5:25-26) then don't get involved.

As a male you know when a female is emotionally attached you, and you know when you want to pursue a female... So why take the keys to heart if you know full well nothing will happen in the future?
I mean are you so insecure that you have to have a girl attached to you in order to feel good? Are you that empty that you need a girl to fill a void of a females emotional attachment to you knowing full well that no long term effects will come out of it?

My advice is take yourself to the altar! Ask God to fill you up, and STOP getting involved.
Ladies why do you entertain the presence of guys who will literally die for you knowing full well he will never be that guy you marry? Why take advantage of his Christ like love when your attracted to devil incarnates? I'm sorry but there are nice guys who are being played by confused immature sisters.

Another thing ladies why are you so easily fooled by the words of a guy, he has NO futuristic intentions yet you still give him your all- literally your heart, mind, body everything! All this compromising for a guy who doesn't want to be with you? Doesn't sound sensible or worth it...

Gone are the days that a guy will knock on your door and approach your parents for courtship. Instead people wanna play marriage behind closed doors without being married then wonder why their hearts get broken?...
Ladies even if he tells you his intentions let him tell your parents/pastor/bishop/mentor somebody that will be accountable?! Surely if the relationship is based on the foundation of Christ that wouldn't be a probably right...

At the end of the day God will judge every intention and motive in the heart, so if you think it is acceptable to go around breaking the hearts Gods children you will be in for a shock.

Prayer point:
Lord teach me your ways make my heart intentions, motives and action reflect Christ. Sweet Holy Spirit sanctify me and wash me clean over my iniquities for I have sinned against you. Make me clean, purify me and make me better Lord.

- Peace

P.S: Peace has a christian radio show every Tuesday Night (tomorrow night) from 10pm - 11pm, click here to listen -
For other inspiring stuff you can go here -

Hope you all have an amazing week ahead! x

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