Wednesday 6 February 2013

Court Wedding in Bafoussam

Over there their court wedding is as big as our white wedding in Lagos. The ceremony was really nice and the reception was even better, these people dance relentlessly like their limbs are made of rubber with a spring for a waist. In the area of dance, Nigerians clearly Could Not compete!!! We all learnt a bit of it and danced with them after minor tutorials on the dance floor but the energy and stamina they had couldn't be copied AT ALL, they go hard mehn. I don't have videos cuz we were all busy dancing and having silly competitions and just general foolishness to remember the camera really but it was so much fun, one of the nights I'd wish to relive... we didn't leave till 1am! :D #cameroonrockies
Will upload pictures from the reception later.
Loads of pictures after the cut.

My Family :)

The bride

The bride's mum & her family

Such a cute picture of my mum & brother

The Mothers! :)

Don't you just love that picture??? Love it good oh! lmao


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