Friday 8 February 2013

Wedding Reception

So afte the court wedding we went for the reception in their family house and I was in love with the decor, it wasn't over the top but it was still very nice. Loved the idea of covering the place with leaves instead of an actual tent or canopy, especially cuz of all the daylight it let in. After all the eating and musical performances we danced till midnight and I had so much fun! I don't have a lot of pictures from the night time cuz we'd all rather dance than be in charge of the camera.

Dance time :)

C'est fini !


  1. Pls ma(Oliver twist) i want to see more picz ppppppppplllllllsssssssss

  2. Others may not consider this as their kind of wedding reception, but this looks awesome to me. It has a natural appeal that would make people feel relaxed and comfortable. Plus, the food looked great as there were many choices to choose from. The photos really make me hungry. Haha!

    Neva Modzelewski

  3. I like attending wedding ceremonies like this because they have a lively and comfy ambiance. I think of wedding as formal events, and most of the gatherings I’ve attended were always like that. That’s why I like that the couple made it feel like you’re really free to enjoy and do what you want. :D

    Zachary Payne


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